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File Name KB Description of Wav Sound
tv/simpsons/homer/mop_you_up.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Mop you up 16

Homer: "Go ahead and smile, smart guy. I'm gonna mop you up like turkey gravy."

tv/simpsons/homer/more_fun.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">More fun 7

Homer: "I promise we'll have more fun this time!"

tv/simpsons/homer/my_back1.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">My back1 20

Homer: "Oh, God, my back! It hurts so much! And my job is so unfulfilling!"

tv/simpsons/homer/my_life_is_ruined.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">My life is ruined 6

Homer: "Awww, my life is ruined!"

tv/simpsons/homer/negatory.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Negatory 5

Homer: "That's a negatory, good buddy!"

tv/simpsons/homer/new_york_city.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">New york city 6

Homer: "Nothing good has ever come out of New York City."

tv/simpsons/homer/new_york_hell_hole.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">New york hell hole 11

Homer: "I don't wanna go to New York City! New York is a hell hole!"

tv/simpsons/homer/nickel.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Nickel 9

Homer: "I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that."

tv/simpsons/homer/nightmare2.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Nightmare 2 5

Homer: "This is a nightmare!"

tv/simpsons/homer/no6.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">No 6 5

Homer: "No ... no, no!"

tv/simpsons/misc/multi_no9.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">No 9 21

Homer: "Nope."

Lisa: "Nope."

Bart: "Nope."

Marge: "Nope."

tv/simpsons/homer/no_can_do.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">No can do 5

Homer: "Sorry ... no can do."

tv/simpsons/homer/no_kid.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">No kid 5

Homer: "No kid is worth that."

tv/simpsons/homer/not_falling_4_that.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Not falling 4 that 8

Homer: "Oh, no. I'm not falling for that again!"

tv/simpsons/homer/not_me.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Not me 7

Homer: "Whoa-ho-ho! Not me!"

tv/simpsons/homer/not_needed.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Not needed 6

Homer: "I can see I'm not needed here."

tv/simpsons/homer/not_worth_it.wav" title="added Jan 5, 2002">Not worth it 9

Homer: "If something's hard to do, then it's not worth doing."

tv/simpsons/homer/now_what.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Now what 5

Homer: "Oh, now what?"

tv/simpsons/homer/nut.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Nut 9

Homer: "Yeah, yeah, that's his problem -- he's a nut!"

tv/simpsons/homer/nuts.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Nuts 10

Homer: "Nuts!"

tv/simpsons/homer/out_of_your_system.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Out of your system 8

Homer: "You better get this all out of your system right now."

tv/simpsons/homer/outrage3.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Outrage3 7

Homer: "What?! This is an outrage!"

tv/simpsons/homer/outta_here2.wav" title="added Jan 5, 2002">Outta here 9

Homer: "That's it -- I'm outta here."

tv/simpsons/homer/outta_my_way.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Outta my way 5

Homer: "Outta my way, jerk-ass!"

tv/simpsons/misc/multi_overstimulated1.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Overstimulated1 18

Marge: "All right, all right, now you're overstimulated. Let's get some beer in you, and then it's right to bed."

Homer: "Whoo hoo!"

tv/simpsons/homer/painful.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Painful 6

Homer: "It's really painful!!"

tv/simpsons/homer/pay_is_low.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Pay is low 8

Homer: "Hey! How come my pay is so low?"

tv/simpsons/homer/perfect_solution.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Perfect solution 6

Homer: "I think I've got the perfect solution!"

tv/simpsons/homer/phone_company.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Phone company 8

Homer: "The phone company is bamboozling you!"

tv/simpsons/homer/phone_ring.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Phone ring 7

Sfx: Phone ringing.

Homer: "Hello."

tv/simpsons/homer/place_is_strange.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Place is strange 6

Homer: "This place is so strange!"

tv/simpsons/homer/place_like_this_x.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Place like this 8

Homer: "You can't let yourself end up in a place like this."

tv/simpsons/homer/punch_george_bush.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Punch george bush 16

Secret Service agent: "Scuse me, sir, where ya goin'?"

Homer: "I'm going to punch George Bush in the face!"

Agent: "Okay, is he expecting you?"

tv/simpsons/homer/punch_nose.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Punch nose 6

Homer: "I ought to punch you in the nose!"

tv/simpsons/homer/quit.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Quit 12

Homer: "I've thought about what you said, Honey, and I've decided to quit."

tv/simpsons/homer/ready_to_rock.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Ready to rock 10

Homer: "Are you ready to rock? ... 'Cause here we go!"

tv/simpsons/homer/really_mad.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Really mad 13

Homer: "Oh, now what? If you're still mad at me I'm gonna be really mad."

tv/simpsons/homer/remember_saying_that.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Remember saying that 8

Homer: "Hey, I don't remember sayin' that!"

tv/simpsons/homer/rest.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Rest 13

Homer: "Ohh! I'm just going to rest for a minute ... <snore>"

tv/simpsons/homer/retirement_fund.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Retirement fund 8

Homer: "Well, we'll have to dip into the retirement fund again."

tv/simpsons/homer/rotten_day.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Rotten day 6

Homer: "Aww, what a rotten day!"

tv/simpsons/homer/run_for_your_lives_x.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Run for your lives 8

Homer: "Run for your lives, everyone! This is not a drill!"

tv/simpsons/homer/russia.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Russia 7

Homer: "Hey, if you don't like it, go to Russia."

tv/simpsons/homer/sacrilegious.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Sacrilegious 5

Homer: "It's sacrilegious, I tell ya!"

tv/simpsons/homer/saddest_chapter.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Saddest chapter 9

Homer: "This closes the saddest chapter in American history."

tv/simpsons/homer/sane_insane.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Sane insane 8

Homer: "How can you tell who's sane and who's insane?"

tv/simpsons/homer/sarcastic2.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Sarcastic2 10

Homer: "In case you can't tell, I'm being sarcastic."

tv/simpsons/homer/scam.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Scam 10

Homer: "Wait a minute! This could be some kind of scam ... or possibly scam-ola!"

tv/simpsons/homer/scandalous_story.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Scandalous story 7

Homer: "I have a scandalous story of my own."

tv/simpsons/homer/screw_ya.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Screw ya 7

Homer: "Oh, yeah, they're always trying to screw ya."

tv/simpsons/misc/multi_script.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Script 15

Homer: "Well, there were script problems from day one."

Bart: "Didn't seem like anybody even read the script."

Homer: "That was the problem."

tv/simpsons/homer/security.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Security 9

Homer: "Well, I'll have to pull a few strings with the boys in Security."

tv/simpsons/homer/see_the_light.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">See the light 6

Homer: "I see the light!"

tv/simpsons/homer/see_ya_later.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">See ya later 6

Homer: "Hey, that's super. See ya later!"

tv/simpsons/homer/set_record_straight.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Set record straight 6

Homer: "I want to set the record straight."

tv/simpsons/homer/shut_up_boy.wav" title="added Jan 5, 2002">Shut up boy 9

Homer: "Shut up, boy."

tv/simpsons/homer/shut_you_up.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Shut you up 6

Homer: "Shut up, or I'll shut you up!"

tv/simpsons/homer/sick.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Sick 5

Homer: "You're all sick!"

tv/simpsons/homer/singing.wav" title="added Aug 30, 2001">Singing 9

Homer: "Singing is the lowest form of communication."

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